Mission and Assignments



ANREEE, a non-profit private Association, started its register activities in July 2005 and it was licensed by the Portuguese Environmental Agency, in 23rd March 2006.

Afterwards it was licensed for the B&A register in 17th December 2009 by the same official body.



ANREEE’s mission is to assure, organize and keep the mandatory register of EEE (Electric and Electronic Equipment, DL 230/2004 of 10th December, altered by DL 132/2010 of 17th December) and B&A (Batteries and Accumulators, DL 6/2009 of 6th January) producers. This will allow the monitoring and financial control of their obligations and objectives, laid down in these diplomas and in other relevant legislation.





The register of producers has the purpose of

controlling the quantities of the new products – 

EEE and B&A – that are placed on the market by

their producers/companies. These quantities are

annually controlled (this information is strictly confidential)

hence allowing ANREEE to follow the life cycle of these

products and measure the residue management

adequately. Consequently, the residue will be treated

and valued in order to cause as little damage to environment

as possible.

ANREEE is also responsible for informing

and alerting the official public bodies of

any transgression of the register

obligations or any related acts, laid

down in the diplomas.


ANREEE is also responsible for

issuing the Certificates of

Register for the registered


ANREEE has the Associations of the Portuguese

electric and electronic sector as executive members:


It has a rotating Presidency and from March 2015

to March 2017 AIMMAP holds directorial

responsibilities, represented by Mafalda Gramaxo.



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