Message from the President

ANREEE was founded in 2005 with the strong contribution of several Business Associations representing companies producing electric and electronic equipment.
From the moment that its activity began, ANREEE, from a public service perspective, intends to accomplish two main goals.
The first one, as register entity of Electric and Electronic Equipment and Batteries and Accumulators, to help companies complying with their legal obligations in the environmental register domain.
The second one, to put under companies’ service all its skills and expertise, contributing to an extended clarification in an area of great technical complexity and significant bureaucratic burden.
A decade of activity later, we genuinely feel our work helped to regulate the waste market of electric and electronic equipment and batteries and accumulators, always with the concern in maintaining a true balance between all the interested parties involved in these matters.
Notwithstanding the feeling of accomplishment, we are aware that there is still much to build so that these waste streams can be more transparent.
That’s a goal that we propose to perform in the next 2 years during which I will have the honor of chairing ANREEE’s Board.
Confronted with a surprising less understanding of some public entities regarding these matters, we're totally committed to defend ANREEE’s legitimate interests.
This will be our big commitment during the current mandate, especially because, as these ten years of activity showed, ANREEE’s interests are fully convergent with the interests of Companies and of the Associations that stand for them.

As so, we assume without any hesitation, that the defense of ANREEE’s interests are, more than ever, coincident with the defense of Companies, of the Market and its Transparency.

Mafalda Gramaxo

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