Users satisfied with ANREEE's service
Users satisfied with ANREEE's service 01-07-2016
Dear Users,
We thank you all for the interest in our questionnaire on the service that ANREEE provides you. Your feedback 
was fundamental in order to identify what should be improved.
Six questions were asked, where 1 = Bad; 2= Unsatisfactory; 3= Satisfactory; 4 = Good, also with the 
possibility of “No opinion (N/O)”.
We share here the results.
We received 331 replies, of which 88% were mainly between classification 3 and 4, against 12% between 
classification 2 and 1. All answers are considered to be extremely positive, and we would like to enhance the 
classification given to questions 2 and 6, where we obtained the higher value (4).The results are good, none 
the less we believe there’s room for improvement. See more details HERE.
Thank you again for your cooperation!
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