ERP Portugal descends values ​​ECOREEE
ERP Portugal descends values ​​ECOREEE 11-06-2013

After the decline of values ​​to provide financial support for producers of batteries and accumulators, the ERP Portugal introduces new reduced values​​, this time, the segment of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), according to the order No. 7467/2013.

The amounts approved now mean a decrease in the value of the financial benefit to be considered by the producers of all categories of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, checking the largest fall in the category of Large Appliances, with more than 11%.

"With the approval of these new values​​, the ERP Portugal demonstrates its ongoing commitment to benefit their users (Producers of EEE)," argues Ricardo Neto, Iberian ERP.

Below the update values ​​of financial provision (EUR / tonne of EEE placed on the market) to be borne by producers of EEE:

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